Knoxville is home to a variety of software devs, many of whom also blog! Below is a snapshot of bloggers in the area.

Joseph Agreda

Phillip Andreason

David Angel

Brandon Ballentine

Steve Barbour

Nick Bradbury

Chris Brakebill

Adam Byram

Adam Byram
My name is Adam Byram. I’m a software developer in Oak Ridge, TN. I’ve been developing software professionally for over twelve years. I’ve worked for huge corporations on billion dollar brands, on rocket ships at cutting edge startups, and many places in between. I was also a board member/organizer for 2014 & 2015 CodeStock Conference.

Devon Campbell

Adrian Carr

Josh Carroll

Adam Caudill

Wade Chandler

Thomas Daugherty

W. Anthony Ellison

Reid Evans

Jeremy Fairbank

Preston Garland

Rob Gillen

Ronnie Goodrich

Travis Graham

Avdi Grimm

Thilina Gunarathne

Christina Harlow

Aaron Hayman

Bryan Headrick

Doc Isaac

Tyler Jennings

Chris Keathley

Jonathan Kemp

Alex Klibisz

James Kolpack

Christopher Lamm

Stephen Long

SDE Science Lover

Geoff Mazeroff

Wally McClure

William McKeehan

Joshua Miller

Colin Mollenhour

Dave Moore

Bill Morefield

Bob Muenchen

Jakob Myers

James Nakamura

Michael C. Neel

Daniel Oliver

Daniel Oliver is a software engineer at Radio Systems Corporation in Knoxville, TN. Daniel loves to talk about boardgames, fencing, books, the cloud and devops.

Chris Ostrouchov

Chris Ostrouchov
Hi I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Tennessee. I am passionate about scientific computing and developing software that enables scientists. You will find on my blog that enjoy talking about Python, numerical computing, data science, and some devops with Kubernetes, Docker, and Ceph.

Jamie Phillips

Jamie Phillips is a Software Engineer with over 11 years of experience. All that experience has been in .NET and related technologies. Over the last several years he has been focused on moving applications to the cloud.

Cameron Presley

Cameron Presley
Cameron Presley is a software engineer, boardgamer, and Microsoft MVP living in Oak Ridge, TN currently employed as an architect for Pilot Flying J where he works as a professional problem solver. When he's not slinging code as part of his day job, Cameron can be found organizing content for the @FunctionalKnox user group, organizing Lambda Squared, and mentoring developers through Code Kickoff.

Neville Scheevel

Emily Schleiner

Bobby Showalter

Bobby Showalter
Hi, I'm Bobby. By day, I work for Intelliquip, Inc. as a User Experience Engineer. By night, I do web design for orange daisy. I'm a co-founding member of Knox_UX, and work with dozens of international companies in the fluid dynamics industry to solve their UI/X problems.

Jared Smith

Levi Smith

Dennis Stepp

Dennis Stepp is a software engineer at AGI in Knoxville, TN. He is also a game/web developer with Unibear Studio, Earl Park Fall Festival Foundation, and Interests include DevOps, JAMstack, and software architecture. He also collects retro PC/console games, and dabbles in gardening and wood working. He has a passion for bluegrass music, craft beer, and ice hockey.

Alan Stevens

Jeff Thurston

Michael Wender

Gavin Wiggins

Brice Wilson

Dylan Wolf

Bob Yexley

Al Zaudtke

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